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Spotty Dog Firelight Stout 500ml

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Escape the cold embrace of winter and envelop yourself in the warm, rich flavours of the Spotty Dog Firelight Stout. Every 500ml bottle is a celebration of Tasmania's robust love affair with full-bodied brews, featuring a generous 7% ABV that ensures each sip leaves a memorable imprint.

Here in the heartland of Tasmania, where flannels are our second skin and our beards stand as proud declarations of resilience, we understand something that others often miss: stout season isn't a season, it's a way of life.

As the Tassie Tuxedos waddle their charming paths and as our friends from the mainland flock south in their search for winter reprieve, we offer the Firelight Stout as a hearty testament to our unyielding spirit. A liquid ode to the ceaseless Tassie stout season, this brew is lovingly crafted to ignite warmth, spark conversations, and foster companionship amidst the brisk chill.

The Spotty Dog Firelight Stout is not just a beer; it's an invitation to partake in our unique lifestyle where every passing moment is embraced with a tenacious vivacity. The dark, velvety pour of the stout, its creamy head, and the invigorating, complex flavours that dance on your palate speak of an experience that is undeniably, unapologetically Tasmanian.

So why huddle against the cold when you can revel in it? Raise a glass of Firelight Stout and join us in the constant celebration that is stout season, right here in the land where flannels are thicker, beards are fuller, and our stout is always flowing.

It's always stout season, baby. Welcome to our corner of the world. Welcome to Spotty Dog Firelight Stout.

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