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Lark Tasmanian Peated Whisky 500ml

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Invoking the primal elements of earth and fire, Tasmanian Peated Single Malt is the embodiment of Tasmania's vibrant spirit and unyielding will. Crafted from the spark of our passion and the heart of our island, this entrancing whisky showcases the unchartered territories of flavour our dedicated master blenders dare to explore.


A voyage through Tasmania’s untamed wilderness awaits in each glass. Delicate wisps of smoke wrap themselves around crisp, pure highland air, hinting at the sublime journey to follow. The marriage of our peat bog nestled in the Central Highlands and the expansive, raw landscape of Tasmania, culminates in a dram of exquisite complexity and warmth.


For the bold and the adventurous, this single malt whisky offers an immersive trip through a spectrum of taste. From its rich, earthy peat undertones to a flourish of delicate floral notes, each sip reveals another facet of Tasmania's unruly beauty. Savour it neat as you sink into the comforting echo of a crackling fire, or use it to bring a tantalising touch of smoke to your beloved cocktails.

Embodying Tasmania.


Our peat, sustainably extracted from LARK’s own preserve in the Central Highlands lake district, brings a uniquely Tasmanian touch to this whisky. Through our pioneering post-malt smoking process, we capture a symphony of soft, floral nuances inherent in new-world peat, resulting in a lightly peated whisky that is uniquely ours.


About Post Malt Smoking


Our commitment to innovation is manifest in our post-malt smoking technique - a rarity in the whisky domain. Traditionally, barley is kiln-dried after malting. However, at our Tasmanian distillery, the malted barley arrives ready for smoking. Using our home-grown peat, we smoke the barley over an extended period, creating a different, softer peat profile. The result is a seductive palate imbued with indulgent notes of chocolate and earthy roasted coffee. A distinctive mark of our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the whisky world.

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