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HOPR The Citra Hops One 375ml

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Presenting HOPR's Citra Hop Brew, available at Hop Vine & Still - more than just a sparkling water, it's a taste sensation intertwined with wellness. Named after its defining ingredient, the Citra hops, this sparkling water showcases a tantalising fusion of flavour and health benefits.


HOPR's Citra Hop Brew ensnares the senses with a vibrant bouquet of floral and citrus notes, reminiscent of blossoming elderflowers and succulent lychee. Its unique profile, built on the traditional tastes cherished by the original brew fans, remains a firm favourite among our regular customers.


What sets this sparkling water apart is its transformative blend of health-boosting elements. Infused with Ashwagandha, a powerful stress-relieving herb, and L-Theanine, a mood-enhancing amino acid found in green and black tea, this is not just a drink, but an invitation to a holistic wellness experience.


The Citra Hop Brew offers a versatile drinking experience. It might wrap you in a blanket of calm relaxation or fill you with a burst of renewed energy. Its potential sleep-enhancing properties make it a perfect before-bedtime companion. Designed to synergise with your body, its unique blend of ingredients aids your body's adaptation to stress and anxiety, mood improvement, and focus over time.


HOPR's Citra Hop Brew, available at Hop Vine & Still, isn't just a sparkling water - it's a companion in your wellness journey, a crowd-pleaser for your taste buds, and a unique aid in your pursuit of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Experience the benefits today and relish the difference.

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