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HOPR The Citra & Amarillo Hops One 375ml

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Unveiling HOPR's Dual-Hop Brew, now featured at Hop Vine & Still - a novel twist on our traditional hop water that combines the rich legacy of two iconic hops into a single, tantalizing brew. Our brewing approach for this new entrant in our lineup deviates slightly from our previous flavours; we've tuned down the bitterness to make way for a more tropical and citrus-infused flavour and aroma, bringing forth a refreshing change.


The Dual-Hop Brew thrills the senses with delightful notes of succulent peach, tart grapefruit, and zesty lemon. This vibrant melody of flavours promises to make this sparkling water a refreshing addition to your daily health regimen. Ideal for when you're seeking the functional benefits of a well-crafted beverage and considering a reduction in your alcohol intake, this brew effortlessly fits the bill.


But the Dual-Hop Brew is not just about taste; it's also about holistic well-being. Infused with Ashwagandha, a potent stress-relieving herb, and L-Theanine, a mood-enhancing amino acid found in green and black tea, this brew is your go-to for a refreshing wellness boost.


HOPR's Dual-Hop Brew offers a diverse spectrum of experiences. It may cocoon you in a relaxed state, or it could invigorate you with a burst of energy. Enjoy it before bedtime to leverage its potential sleep-improving properties. Over time, its thoughtfully selected ingredients work synergistically to help your body better adapt to stress and anxiety, improve mood, and sharpen focus.


HOPR's Dual-Hop Brew, now available at Hop Vine & Still, is more than just a beverage - it's a taste adventure, a wellness ally, and a trusted companion in your pursuit of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Experience this innovative brew today and discover a whole new world of refreshing possibilities.

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